Would today be different?

So, I woke up this morning with a rather somber thought. What if today was my last day? Would I do anything different from what I usually do? Would I scroll social media? Would I worry about if I’m doing “enough” or seek the approval of others? Or, would I soak up every moment with my husband and kids and not take for granted that kiss and hug out the door. Would I pray more? Would I pray differently?

If you know me, you know since my dad passed I unfortunately visit this topic with inconvenient frequency. Less these days, but more than I’d like. It’s not the most pleasant topic to process, but when you have seen death, sometimes it haunts you.

Thanks be to God that we don’t have to fear death. He created us for an eternal purpose.  The family and loved ones we are blessed to walk with on this earth will surround us forever, through faith.

Not the most fun thing to have on your mind first thing. But I guess it inspired me to live more intentional today. To worry less, to love more, to be present, to enjoy the tasks on my list and take off any unessential that waste precious time (like social media). Tip, the new iPhone update has a “screen time” setting. If nothing else, open it so learn how much time you really spend a day on that little jem!

Turn it off, s l o w down, enJOY the day and the HOPE that is the anchor for our souls when they enter stormy waters.  There IS purpose. Just don’t miss it.

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