Fear not, trust Me. Don’t be afraid. Trust. trust. trust. We are told to do this over and over in scripture. Why is it so hard to do sometimes?  Probably because we like to control things. Our emotions, others reactions, outcomes.  But Jesus encourages us to not be troubled. In fact, he says, “do not let your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Me.” John 14:1.

He knows, in the here and now, that we will be troubled. But I believe He is encouraging us to stop in our tracks and return to him when we feel troubled.  Sure the emotion will come, we all have good days and bad, but it’s what we do with it that matters.  He says do not LET your heart….Do not let your heart go down the rabbit hole of fear and worry. What does he ask us to do instead? Believe.

Recently, I have been studying the Garden of Gethsemane. It’s amazing to me that Jesus was troubled and grieved.  God in flesh was troubled. He CAN control outcomes and situations, yet was still troubled.  He was, “grieved, to the point of death (Matthew 26:38).”  And yet was fully God, with all power on heaven and earth. Blows my mind and comforts me at the same time. He knows how we feel.  He himself was troubled. How did he respond? He trusted. “Abba, Father, all things are possible for You; take this cup from Me, but not what I will but what you will (Mark 14:36).”

Basically, this hurts and I want it to go away, but Your will be done.  He chose to trust and do what God asked Him to do, even when it was hard.

Luke’s gospel differs from the other three in that it reports at the time Jesus was praying for the cup to pass that, “an angel from heaven appeared to Him, strengthening Him (Luke 22:43).”

Yes, please! God send whoever you can to strengthen us! Makes me think about the spiritual realm around us.  God’s army, fighting for us! Our friends, our community, all God’s hand and feet on earth, all here to strengthen us!

I pray for that response to suffering. Of any kind. Big or small. I pray for the faith to believe and trust in my loving Father in Heaven, who is love and all goodness,  to work all things for good.  Trust that love. Believe that HE WILL STRENGTHEN US and give us the grace we need to endure, to grow, to become more like Christ.

I also pray for our community. To be bold and strong and lift each other up, even when it is hard, requiring extra effort or not convenient.

God conquered death but the enemy tries to steal our life through fear and worry.  Paralyzing us, making us unproductive, self focused, and not useful for His kingdom, or to those troubled around us who need us. 

Not today, friends. Not today!



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