So glad you are checking out All The Things! A little about me…I hate this part.  I’m grateful and blessed to be married to my best friend who makes me laugh daily and 3 little people call me mom and also make me laugh (and let’s be real, sometimes cry).  I’m grateful Jesus fought for my heart as a teenager and I’ve been learning what it really means to love, trust and follow Him ever since.  I am a Catholic convert who appreciates the history of the church and the beauty and symbolism in the liturgy.  My husband calls me an amateur theologian (probably because I have books overflowing my nightstand)  and my kids think I’m funny.   I love a good latte, almost any Cabernet, and prefer to be sipping either with a good book in a cozy spot. I’m drawn to coffee shops and books stores, but feel my heart and soul open up outside. I’m passionate about helping people live their best and healthiest life which is why I became a Nurse Practitioner.

We all have a story to tell.  The ups and downs are all woven together to create a beautiful masterpiece that God longs to use to bless, teach, and build up our families and communities but we must first have faith and courage to step out and let ourselves be known.   So let’s reflect on all the things that make us who we are so we can carry light into the darkness!